Brood - Kehlaagan

Form - Tza

Plasm - Hellfire


Born on the foot of mountain of Muhusag along with her siblings, Kerata is a demon of the serpentine Kehlaagan brood. Neither Kerata or her siblings are unable to remember their direct ancestor. Her humanoid features suggest that whoever this ancestor was, they had an obsession with either humanity or their Nnaki creators.

The youngest of the litter, she spent her early years scavenging for food at the foot of the great mountain, occasionally playing the part of bait when her siblings took her hunting. Kerata is naturally defiant and prone to disobeying anything she percieves as an order, which meant she frequently squabbled with eldest sister, Lustara Duraal.

Now at the lowest point in her life, Kerata deliberately sought out battles in hopes of ending her life. It was after such one battle that Kerata, heavily wounded and frenzied with grief, found herself outside the walls of the Ill-Noch Sanctuary Dome.

There she had discovered a human child by the name of Fy-La, who had snuck out of the dome that night in order to watch the stars. Originally intending to throw herself against what she had thought was another adversary, Kerata froze as she loomed over the now frightened girl. Though at first frozen with fear at the sight of a demon, Fy-La couldn't help but grow concerned as she noticed the bleeding gashes adorning Kerata's body.

Branch Siblings - Fy-la Nu Kerata (adoptive daughter), Valahdora Nu Kerata (daughter), Lustara Duraal (eldest sibling), Mamara Keruth (older sibling)

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