Chaos Dragons, Howling Hunters


Chaos Serpents "Kehlaagan (keh-laah-gan)"

Demons derived from Ur-Eresh.

Beatific Serpents "Leshmulaagan (lesh-moo-laah-gan)"

Branch Generation - 7th

Demons with a blend of draconic and humanoid features, with slight leanings towards the later. Despite their humanoid features, they are still savage predators.

Mamara Keruth Nu Eresh

"Lustara Spawn" Lustarazumu (Loo-Star-Ah-Zoo-Moo)

Branch Generation - 8th

Demons descended from Lustara Duraal.

Maw Rulers "Murgaatai (mur-gaah-tie)"

Branch Generation - 1st

Bestial demons with a mix of reptilian and avian features. Distinguished by large heads with powerful, bone-crushing jaws.

Long Serpents

Branch Generation - 1st

Demons of immense size with serpentine coils

Howling Hunter ""

Demons derived from Ur-Ursgaru.

"Brutish Hunter"

Humanoid yet bestial.

"Horned Hunter"

Lupine with horns and antlers.