The Protean Empress of Storms

The protean Ur-Eresh was an enormous violet serpent whose great coils crackled with sparks of divine fire and encircled entire storm clouds. Whether in the heavens watching the World below or in the deepest ocean abyss, Ur-Eresh's prescence was always marked by chaotic storms and powerful tempests. Sailing through these storms with its many wings, Ur-Eresh preyed upon the ancient invaders, annihilating entire armies asunder while slithering across the burning skies. Indeed, similar to the Howling Hunter and Nimble Slayer proteans, Ur-Eresh seemed to live for the hunt. When the World was at peace, the great storm ruler is said to have spent most of its time sleeping within a moon it had made as a throne from its slain enemies.

Ur-Eresh was one of the most proud proteans, having turned destruction into an art form and would only rest after it had utterly crushed the enemy's morale...followed by wiping them away with the power of storms.

The demons that descend from Ur-Eresh are known as Ereshsumu.

The Storm Tyrants

In the age following the Great Scattering, three great archdemons were begat by Ur-Eresh. Collectively they are known as the three Storm Tyrants or the Storm Trinity. While not all Ereshsumu are derived from the Storm Tyrants, a great many of them were spawned from the flesh of these infamous beasts. Curiously none of the Storm Tyrants and the demons derived from them seem to have inherited Ur-Eresh's wings. Perhaps the trauma of the Great Scattering has utterly suppressed this expression of divine anatomy. Indeed, a number of Ereshsumu often possess a longing to be in the sky or to possess wings, feeling a sort of phantom pain where they believe their wings would have been.

Tytoria, the Feathered Tyrant of Annihilation

A huge demon with a massive head jaw possesses bone-crushing jaws and dagger like fangs. Her title came from the great mane of raven-black feathers surrounding her powerful neck. Her very roar is said to have sounded like a great rumbling thunderclap.

On six muscular legs, she roamed her forest territory which she ruled as fierce tyrant, devouring her enemies whole. Her nest was said to have been a great mountain of bones formed from her prey.

In addition to her devastating bite, each of her feet was tipped with scythe-like claws, though her arms were reportedly vestigial. Most terrifingly she, she had inherited her progenitor's divine fire, though it had taken a cold, explosive form now known as soulfire or hellfire.

Other demons gave her territory a wide birth, however, she did have several supplicants including the occasional human worshipper that would leave offerings in the form of ritual sacrifices. She possessed a great rivalry with an archdemon of the Ur-Cerash brood and their fights were legendary, though it was her sibling, Nospina that ultimately is said to have killed her in battle.

The Ereshsumu that are derived Tytoria are often armed with powerful jaws and savage claws. Many of them are hulking beasts, especially those of the { LIRUM } form. Those on the smaller side however, tend to be nimble and acrobatic hunters covered in beautiful plumage. Horns and crests are uncommon in these demons but not unheard of and those that do possess such cranial mutations often regard themselves as semi-divine.

Nospina, the Clawed Tyrant of Chaos

Like his protean progenitor, Nospina possessed an affinity for water. A long bodied and finned serpent with a row of spines forming a great sail going down his back and long narrow jaws. Each of the beast's powerful arms ended in clawed hands, each bearing a particularly hook-like talon. An arrogant ruler of the waterways, Nospina's electric aura was a particularly devastating weapon.

Nospina is said to have be a capracious creature, at times completely ignoring passerbys while at other times churning the very water with his rage.

The Ereshsumu that are derived from Nospina often are great in size and length, possessing long serpentine torsos and powerful tails with which to swim. They usually favor wet territory and many of them tend to be aquatic predators. It is common for them to possess their progenitor's long narrow jaws and a great many of them have some form of ornate sail emerging from their spinal columns.

Abelia, the Horned Tyrant of Tempest

Very little is known about the illusive Abelia. Not as well-known as their siblings, Abelia was said to be swift-footed loner. Described as a lithe horned serpent whose presence was foreshadowed by the rushing of winds, Abelia is said to have chased their prey over great distances without tiring.

The circumstances of their death are unknown and the Ereshsumu that were spawned by them seem to have no clear recollection of the events. These Ereshumu tend to all share great horns or ornate crests and lithe forms. They always seemed suited to running and are able to make split-second turns when in pursuit of prey which they hound down with reckless abandon. A great many of them do not have arms or possess very vestigial arms, though a fraction do possess powerful arms with clawed hands.