The Pit

A world that was damaged during its formation, rendering it unable to form a proper celestial sphere within the Outer Darkness.

The Stone Rings

The world of the Pit is comprised of mountain ranges surrounding a great chasm. These immense mountain ranges are circular in nature and are thus called the stone rings. As one moves from the center towards the Pit’s edge, the stone rings become taller and larger in diameter. The mountains are made from black and red stone that is warm to the touch.

The Lands of the Long Paths

The space between each stone ring is vast and deep, an entire ecosystem nestled between two mountain ranges. Most denizens of the Pit live within these spaces, which are known as the Long Paths. Entire islands and seas can be found within the confines of the Long Paths.

The Seas

As the Pit is a plane rather than a sphere, the cardinal directions are determined by the placement of four great rivers. Each of these great rivers starts from a cold void at the Pit’s edges and then flows inwards towards the Pit’s center.

A series of terrible cataclysms have left the Pit deeply scarred. At the beginning of the current Age, the ichor of slain gods spilled into the seas, turning them poisonous and cursed. The waters of these seas were so cold they boiled flesh from bone. Over time, the waters have begun to return to normal but there are still many regions where swimming is certain death.

Oddly enough, sanctuary can be found on the lands situated around the severed body parts of the Proteans. The water in these places is purified by the lingering divinity of these body parts, which seems to counteract the divine rage and sorrow that stained the water in the first place.

The Center

At the center of the pit is a maelstrom of fire and lightning swirling around a great chasm that constantly expels singing mist. Those few who have seen it and lived to tell the tale claim the chasm is the entrance to the afterlife. The singing mist flows up and outwards into the other regions of the pit.


The Pit has two kind of moons.

The misty moons are sandy masses of congealed smoke and singing mist. They form as mist rises from the Pit’s center and congeals within the air. They are short lived things, gradually crumbling away as time passes.

The true moons were formed at the dawn of the current Age and seem to be made of stone, metal, and bone. Many of them are anchored to the Pit with great black chains several miles long.

The Wander Lights

The Pit is not illuminated by a sun, but rather a swarm of floating lights that float across the sky. Known as the Wander Lights, these lights lazily move across the Pit in semi-regular patterns. There are several swarms of Wander Lights and thus different regions of the Pit may have varying hours of daylight. Each Wander Light is a spherical orb of boiling light that constantly emanates brilliant golden dust.