Strange Weather

Hallucinogenic Rain

Hallucinogenic Rain occurs when the dreams and memories arising from the slumbering Protean Host are too faint or incoherent to form a proper soul yet still possess a great emotional intensity. Assuming authority over the winds and rain, these thoughts devoid of will create downpours of prismatic rain. Upon making contact with the rain or the mist arising from it, one begins to hear incoherent whispers and experience phantom sensations.

Curse Fog

Curse Fog is a miasma that arises from places where the Great Scattering was at its most severe. In that terrible frenzy, divine curses were slung about wildly, reeking havoc upon the very landscape. Those curses linger and meld with echoes of residual anger and fear, giving rise to curse fog.

From Irritation of the lungs to limb paralysis and petrification of the flesh, effects of exposure can have varying effects, due to the varying nature of curses and their gradual 'decay'.

Ravaging Storms

Ravaging Storms occur when the curse fog merges with hallucinogenic rain, melding lingering curses and feverish dreams and forming a maelstrom of pure destructive power. Screaming winds that sear the flesh and unleash explosive bolts of lightning.