The Protean Host

The Ancient Stewards

Born from the sea of raw, unformed chaos that once flowed over living stone, the Protean Host may have been the first beings to have inhabited the World. Believed to have started out as two seperate entities who later begat the rest, the number of members that constituted the Protean Host is unknown, but at least 52 would seem safest estimate.

The soul of the World adopted the Protean Host as its children, allowing them to move across its surface and shape it to their desires. Meanwhile, the Protean Host guarding the World against the terrors of the void that existed out of its borders and building warding moons from the corpses.

The Great Scattering

Memories of the Great Scattering are feverish and barely decipherable. Fragments of memory hint of a vile poison, a great enemy, and a great deluge of life-giving chaos. Whatever the cause was, the effect was a wave of madness that fractured the minds of the Protean Host.

They turned upon one another in a mad cannibalistic frenzy that drenched the surface of the World in divine gore. Continent-sized bones scattered across cratered landscapes attest to the sheer scale of the savagery that ensued.

Sealed in Slumber

The soul of the World, seeing the impending destruction of all things, sung a great song that reached out to the minds of the ravaged Protean Host. The song called out to them, lulling their ravaged minds into a trance before luring them into the World's depths.

Keeping its adopted children close to its soul, The World wrapped them in an embrace of living stone and raw energy. Buried beneath a thousand layers of rock and spirit, the surviving members of the Protean Host fell into a great slumber.

Demonic Genesis

The feverish dreams and warped memories of these frenzied titans slip through the World's embrace unnoticed however. Like smoke rising from a flame, these twisted fragments of thought slithered outwards, back to the World's surface. Called to the sea of divine blood and gore that still flooded the surface, they became interwoven with the ruined flesh.

With scraps of divine flesh serving as the body and mad dreams forming the soul, the first womb trees were born, giving rise to the demon race.