The Heilom

"The Heilom had arrived in search of the Sun, only to find its remnants in the form of dust. Now they sail the clouds of stardust in their sun barges, gathering energy from the masses of shimmering light."

"Frail in form but mighty in mind, the Heilom enlist the usage of variant servants to act as proxies in their dealings with the inhabitants of the planet."

"The Heilom promised the giants ownership of the planet once their great work is complete. In return, the giant tribes of old swore fealty to the invaders and taught them their clay sorceries."

The Messengers

"Created from a melding of Heilom machinery and demonic flesh bound together with clay sorcery, the Messengers were created to raid the demon-infested territories in search of resources. The strongest of them guard the sun barges of the Heilom against potential threats."

The High Messengers