Sufficiently powerful entities are capable of generating a mystical substance known as sezetaru (lit. soul song) or ectoplasm. It is thought by some that all of reality is fundamentally a chorus of song. The more power something has, the more vibrant and loud its song is. Thus ectoplasm is believed to be the “song of the soul”.

In its most raw form, it appears as a gravity-defying prismatic fluid that somewhat resembles a starry sky. It is rarely seen in this form however, as it is normally stored within the liminal space between the flesh and soul.

Blessings & Curses

A blessing occurs when an object or being is infused with plasm in a way that is meant to harm or otherwise strengthen it. Conversely a curse occurs when an object is infused with plasm meant to destroy or otherwise subvert it. Both of these techniques, essentially involving pouring one's will and ectoplasm into an object, where it lingers until used.

Common Forms of Ectoplasm

Fire Plasm - A orange and yellow plasm that glows brightly. When inactive it is merely warm to the touch but ignites into flames when activated. Demons with this plasm often use it to spit fire or to create weapons of flames.

Vile Plasm -This dark crimson plasm is gelatinous in nature and often crystallizes into reddish black spikes.

Poison Plasm – This poisonous ectoplasm is usually purple with green veins and has a putty-like texture. Demons with this plasm can often vaporize it into a toxic cloud or spray it directly at their foes.

Chaos Plasm – Bubbling ectoplasm with a bright green glow that constantly shifts between a liquid and a gas at random. It seems to embody chaos and is extremely volatile. Demons with this plasm often use it in the form of explosive green flames (sometimes called hellfire) or waves of corrosive energy.

Frost Plasm - A sluggish, icy-blue ectoplasm that freezes whatever it touches. Often used to form blades of ice or vaporized to unleash freezing winds.

Sleep Plasm - A black and lavender sludge-like form of ectoplasm that seems to induce drowsiness when inhaled or ingested.

Umbral Plasm - This jet black ectoplasm defies gravity.

Electro Plasm -A swiftly moving black plasm that glows brilliantly white and blue. It is capable of generating electricity and can deliver a fatal shock.