The Sanctum of Ebyl

Ebyl is one of the many domed sanctums built by the Giants in their attempted conquest of the island. Sculpting automatons within the sanctum's bowels churned out human servants to tend to the sanctum while their masters planned for war. When the invasion failed and the Giants were forced to retreat, they abandoned many of the sanctums, Ebyl being among them. Unlike its neighbors, Nebed or Admador, Ebyl's caretaker automatons did not survive the battle and thus the human populace of Ebyl was left without guidance.

Ebyl sits alone atop of the Narrow Plateau, surrounded on all sides by deep gorges where the native demons dwell. Other than climbing or flying, a bridge-like stairway is the only way to access the plateau.

The Giants used their clay sorcery to mold the entire sanctum from the very earth, and thus very little of it was actually made by human hands. As Ebyl was meant to serve as a temporary colony, it does not possess the transdimensional liminal architecture of the greater sanctums. The buildings are rectangular in shape with flattened roofs, rounded corners, and staircases carved into their sides. The people of Ebyl often paint and draw upon the walls these buildings, which are thick and often covered in vines. These buildings are clustered together, creating narrow streets and often seem stacked upon one another.

The buildings near the center of the sanctum used to serve as the living quarters of the Giants themselves. As a result, they are large, spacious, and far more ornate than the other buildings.

The dome that once covered all of Ebyl was heavily damaged, leaving most of the sanctum's buildings exposed. It was perhaps only Ebyl's placement atop the Narrow Plateau that prevented the sanctum's immediate destruction. Sections of the sanctum have oddly placed walls and barricades, or possess cage-like structures. Such installations were hasty attempts by the Giants to fortify the sanctum against demon raids.

The Temple of Ebyl

Located at the northernmost section of Ebyl, the Temple is the most ornate building of the sanctum and is carved directly into the Plateau. Situated deep within the bedrock and bearing no windows, the grand halls of the temple are illuminated solely by torch and candlelight. It is within the temple that the Sculpting Pods are kept. These large arcane machines are responsible for creating most of Ebyl's populace, sculpting them from blessed clay stored within the temple. The Guiding Hands are responsible for tending to the Sculpting Pods but they have yet to discover how the machines truly work.

The Stone Garden

Located near the temple is the Stone Garden of Ebyl, a botanical garden that also serves as the temple courtyard. It is named for the ornate stone walls and pillars that form the garden's walls. In the days of old, the human slaves of Ebyl maintained the garden for their masters. Nowadays, the garden serves as a source of food for most of the Ebyl's populace.

The Cult of the Warding Beast Hands

The majority of demons inhabiting the gorge encircling the plateau have a pact with the sanctum of Ebyl. In return for offerings of fine food, sex, and shelter, the demons of the gorge ward away more predatory demons that would assault the sanctum. This pact was established by the founders of the Warding Beast hands, a cult of demon worship that has been greatly important to the survival of the sanctum.

The people of Ebyl live relatively simple if strange lives. Those who do not participate in the activities of the cult tend to Ebyl's garden and grow food. Meanwhile the three sects of the cult - The Rough Hands, Gentle Hands, and Guiding Hands are led by a council of their most experienced members.

Demon Visitations

Demons typically visit Ebyl for a day or two every week though the social ones occasionally stay for longer periods of time. Like stray cats, they lounge about in the streets or perch themselves on top of buildings like living gargoyles. The creatures have free reign of the sanctum and wander in and out as they please. Tributes of food and drink are left out in the open for them to partake at their leisure and they are frequently entertained by members of the Warding Beast Hands.

The Sable Garden

The so-called Sable Garden is a section of the sanctum where fallen demons have been buried. From their remains, lustrous black womb trees have grown in small clusters, giving the garden its name. The area thus acts as nursery, where newborn demons emerge from the tree and are tended to by the Gentle Hands. This is a sacred task for the Gentle Hands, as demons raised within the sanctum have proven to be friendlier to humans than the demons born within the wilds. Newborn demons often resemble limbless larva and even the ones that have managed to grow legs are still vulnerable to cannibalism by adult demons. Thus incense is used in surrounding buildings to draw a hungry adult's attention away from the Sable Garden.