Demons and Sex


Demon sex organs consists of a fluid amoeba-like muscle that can change shape and even split into multiple smaller tendrils at will. This organ is usually stored inside of the demon's body behind a slit structure.

When it's time the outer lips of the slit unfold outwards like a blossoming flower with the sex organ extruding from the center folds.

Sexual Intercourse

Demons are typically sterile as these organs are simply facsimiles of the sex organs of their divine progenitors. Thus they pretty much only have sex for pleasure or stress relief.

Broad demon culture tends to consider these organs and the mouth as sacred places of vulnerability. After all, these are sensitive organs and many demons possess sharp teeth.

Thus oral sex is seen as a sign of trust with one another.

Aside from oral intercourse, there are two other common methods The slow method has the demons wrapping their tendrils together to form a coiling knot, which rubs both organs together. This is usually done with the demons are either relaxing or too lazy for rigorous intercourse.