The Archipelago of Hands

When the Proteans fell upon one another in their cannibalistic frenzy, entire chunks of divine flesh would sometimes rain down upon the landscape. Over time, the local landscape would become changed by the fields of gore. One such affected region is a series of mountainous islands scattered across a misty sea that is cursed to endlessly churn with unnatural force. The truth of the islands is that they have formed upon a pair of severed Protean hands.

One hand, Iremjada (lit. "Hand Grasping") forms a single island that dwarfs its neighbors. The island's center isa concave valley located within the palm while its six fingers curl inwards to form a series of mountain claws. The light of the stars shines between the fingers and one of the many ancient moons is chained to the the index finger.

The other hand, Iremrastemi (lit. "Hand Resting") lies mostly flat, with its palm beneath the waves and each finger serving as its own separate island. Iremrastemi's second fingertip's contains an active volcano.

The capillaries and veins of each hand have fused with the very earth, becoming a network of stone tunnels that lead down into the depths of the world. Streams of the world's life force and rivers of lava occasionally run alongside these stone tunnels.