Hi, I'm Hex and I'm on team [undecided yet] for this year's Creative Clash. If you need to contact me, you can find me on twitter at @Hex_Grimoire. I can also be found in the Creative Clash discord. If crediting me in artwork featuring my characters, you can either credit my @Hex_Grimoire on twitter or this website.

DO: NSFW/SFW art, ship art, solo art, uploading your pieces elsewhere with credit

ASK ME ABOUT: angst themes, drawing them with your OCs

DO NOT: filth-based kink

KINKS: bloodplay, incest, extreme age-gap, lolisho


Kerata Nu Eresh


Personality: Smug, mischievious, constantly horny, protective and doting with Fy-L

DO: Bloodplay, hard vore with Kerata as predator, light bondagae/shibari, pin-ups, aging her up or down, incest with Fy-la, incest with Lustara Duraal

ASK ME ABOUT: Dub-con, angst, watersports

DO NOT: Non-con, filth

Fy-La Nu Kerata

Sandcastle-Small.png Sandcastle-Small.png

Personality: Sweet, playful, almost motherly, more responsible than the adults in her life

DO: SFW/NSFW, cute stuff, incest with Kerata, light bondage/shibari, pin-ups, age her up (you can find references of her adult form in her gallery)

ASK ME ABOUT: incest with Lustara Duraal, watersports

DO NOT: Non-con/dub-con, vore, guro/injury, filth

Lustara Duraal Nu Eresh


Personality: Haughty, sees herself as sophisticated, at least moderately horny

DO: Bloodplay, hard vore with Lustara Duraal as predator, pin-ups, incest with Kerata

ASK ME ABOUT: Non-con/dub-con, incest with Fy-La, shipping with other characters, watersports

DO NOT: filth

Valahdora Nu Kerata


DO: Bloodplay, NSFW/SFW, incest with Kerata, incest with Fy-la, incest with Lustara

ASK ME ABOUT: dubcon

DO NOT: filth, noncon

Mamara Keruth Nu Eresh



DO: Bloodplay, NSFW/SFW, incest with Lustara, incest with Kerata

ASK ME ABOUT: noncon/dubcon

DO NOT: filth