About Me

Hello, my name is Hex. I am an artist and (sometimes writer) who specializes in transgressive dark fantasy fiction. I believe that in fiction, you can explore any topic freely now matter how taboo. As a result, most of my personal art contains themes that some would find triggering or upsetting. Themes and character tropes such as incest, interspecies relationships, lolisho, oviposition, feral nsfw, vore, and monster sex are quite common in my personal works. A lot of the relationships depicted are consensual, though there are a few exceptions.

While 99% of my personal artwork can be found on this site, I also have accounts scattered across various websites:

Aethy.com - My new main social media, contains lolisho

Twitter - Mostly censored works or SFW material, also Elon Musk is a loser.

Deviantart - Most of my non-explicitedly sexual or lolicon work here is posted here.

Furaffinity - Most of non-lolisho work is posted here.

Baraag - Infrequently updated, but I do mirror my more taboo works here.

My Dreamwidth Blog - Infrequentedly updated.